It’s with great relief I can have my coffee with you.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE…How would you take it?

I take it black with coconut sugar.


Click below to see an article featuring choices from Starbucks.

So, anyway I hope you are well. Spring is here even though Mother Nature is trying to fool us. I for one am looking forward to the flowers blooming and the weather warming up. I’ve had a very difficult year so far. I would like things to settle down a bit. I hope the change of season brings some calmness to my life.

Now, don’t feel terrible for me so quickly. I have some real blessing too. After all isn’t that just like life to give us ups and downs.

See my husband needed open heart surgery last fall  but was too ill have the surgery. He was getting set up to go on the heart transplant list. Then just like a miracle he was improving and had the surgery. However, the surgery was much more extensive then even the doctors had predicted. It’s been a very long recovery but he has pulled through it all amazingly. He had a valve replacement and repair. It’s his second open heart which makes this one more complicated. My husband was born with a prolapse mitrol valve and has rheumatoid arthritis which has exasperated his heart problems. Of course, he is in the 1% of people who have complications prolapse heart valve. He also has a condition called Afib which he dealt with most his life. On top of it all he now has heart failure which apparently you manage and make improvements upon but most likely will not reverse. So he does he manges that. He does his cardiac rehabilitation which is working wonders. I truly feel blessed with him doing so well.  It feels like we are coming out of a dark storm cloud.  Well, that is I pray we are.Its been difficult I have to say but we are very happy and appreciative it has worked out the way it did. Through it all he is resilent and remains an overall upbeat person. I look at him from time to time with amazement. I wonder where he finds the strength.  I myself complain at the drop of a hat. He is truly a remarkable man who loves and takes great care of his family. Amazing, right?

Thanks for stopping in. It was very nice to share a heartfelt story with you. Remember as you go that everyone has one. A story that is. Let’s respect each other and lend some understanding to those of us who may need it. You truly never really know another persons struggles in life. Sometimes people seem happy cause they learn the appreciation of happiness the hard way.

Spread some sunshine because you never know who may need it.  Happy spring 😉