Just try to find a downside to drinking ginger tea. I drink yogi brand ginger tea every single day. It is simply so delicious¬†and nutritious. My yogi tea bag even offers an added bonus of an inspirational saying. I love sipping my tea and reading my tea bag tag. It’s the little things we need to appreciate in life. Nothing soothes me more than this tea.I drink my tea hot or cold. You can click on the recipe below to find a wonderful way to prepare your easy and fresh ginger tea.


The benefits of ginger tea are pretty much endless. It aides in digestion, offers potent levels of vitamin C, it is a powerful antioxidant, it helps with nausea. Keep reading about the healing powers of ginger tea at the great link below.


Enjoy this cold ginger tea recipe anytime you want a burst of freshness. Make a lemon ginger yogi hot tea. Let it cool completely and serve over ice with a squeeze of fresh grapefruit and honey. It’s a heathy summertime refresher that will help relieve body swelling from the heat and humidity. I will even add a splash of my favorite titos gluten free vodka for an occasion adult only refresher.¬†


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