I realize most death certificates don’t mention sugar poisoning as a cause of death. But, it’s happening?!? Indirectly I suppose, sugar is responsible for lots of decease and decay in our bodies. It’s breaking us down and with that notion exagerated it is debatably killing all of us. So is the natural progression of age which is why I’m so confused at times. My personal opinion on the matter is too much processed sugar and too many naturally sugary foods are not good for us. For those of us successfully following a healthy lifestyle including diet it’s probably best to keep track of your sugar intake. So, all be it bit by bit and slowly…it seems to a fact that too much sugar isn’t good for us. If you are going to follow that healthy lifestyle you promised yourself, it’s needs to be addressed. We at least have to reel ourselves in. Really there is no escaping, it’s seems to be everywhere and in everything we eat.

There are two kinds of Sugars. The kind occurring naturally and the added kind. We know about the added sugars in processed foods and in foods labeled ‘fat free” and such. We just need to remind ourselves not to use the bottled salad dressings, prepared tomato sauces and those really super convenient frozen things. Read those labels the sugars are glaring, along with other junk that’s added. Easy enough you say, you are off those things. Great and me too. Except the problem is with more complicated foods. For example, carbohydrates because sugar is a carbohydrate, YIKES. And like I mentioned, it naturally occurs in foods like dairy and in honey. Now I’m not suggesting staying away from good wholesome foods. I never, never would say that. It’s always a better choice over processed foods. Sugar also supplies fuel to our bodies and helps with brain activity, we all need that. It’s the amounts and if you are like myself and have a sweet tooth, oh boy. I recently read we should only have 5% sugar intake compared to your daily calorie intake. Taking into consideration that hidden sugars lurk in almost everything, it’s time to track how much sugar we consume. You may say you never had to do that before and natural occurring sugar is better for us. For goodness sake you don’t even have an issue with sugar. This is what I’m hearing. Some of the fruits we eat today are hybrids and/or grown to be sweeter. Sweet sells because it’s delicious. For instance, those pink lady apples we all think are the bomb. They have increased sugar levels. FODMAP diet addresses these sugars and suggest we intake low FODMAP when restoring our belly back to health. I’m staring to get the correlations with sugars and our health. Lots of woman have candida, which is a fungal infection that’s thrives off sugars in our body. Bellies are blowing up from it. Watch out for the new varieties of fruit because they are most likely higher in sugar than those heirloom ones. We are eating more sugar even if we don’t put a single processed item across our lips. It’s not right in my opinion. I have a huge sweet tooth and struggle daily with sugars. It’s seems deceitful in some way. Sugar is pissing me off now. Once I get my head into this reality, I’m going to take it on with a vengeance. Whose with me?


Some hidden sugars:

low fat labeling

canned soups

salad dressings

energy drinks

newer varieties of fruit

look at the carbs labeling

Read ingredients and know your label language, know that things like sorbitol and mannitol are sugars. Please…AGH, I know it’s one more thing. I’m so tired of having to curb back and cut out. Just do it with reasonability. Pick and choose wisely. I don’t touch an artificial sweeter, I drink my coffee black, although I love it with coconut sugar. I have even incorporated teas to the end my day. Some teas are sweet like ginger tea or licorice, they have a sweet note and can be very satisfying. I have cut back but not eliminated sugar to the point I would like, at least not yet. SO, I’m going to take it to the next step. I’m going to count my daily sugar intake and I’m going to target that 5% range. Idk if I can do IT, but it’s worth a try.

THANK YOU- to BBC Good Food and the sugar article I reference, click on the link: