Tea has changed my life… it really has.I hate to be so dramatic about it but this is a big deal to me. I believe in tea totally . 

The same way you choose to do yoga or follow that organic diet use teas to enhance your life. I use it to settle my stomach issues, to sleep and to relax, to energize and for overall good health. I usually have my coffee in the AM and stick to tea all day long even into the evening. It take only tea days too and skip the coffee all together. It is a terrific break from the caffeine if go with naturally caffeine free herbals. 
Tea can be so enriching for your body if  you choose the right ones. For that reason, I will be posting tea often but I also want to hear from you about tea. I want to know  more about what tea you are drinking. I want to include some unusual teas too in future posts. So I would love for you to think “outta” the box. But for right now just getting everyone thinking about tea warms my heart.

It’s a great easy way to maintain that health craze. I do know that for me drinking tea does seem so medicinal in so many ways. A body, mind and spirit fulfillment for sure.  

My all time, hands down favorite tea is Ginger tea. I drink that one every single day. Hot or cold with or without lemon.  I do use tea bags but I don’t mind steeping loose tea. In fact I steep more and more these days. It is extremely easy so please do not be intimidated by any means. Below you will find simple instructions and a quick link for tea steeping 101 from the awesome folks at tea republic
Pour the heated water over the tea, cover, and infuse to taste. Different teas take well to different infusing times. Experiment to find your ideal time, but take care – don’t steep for too long or you’ll find your tea has gone bitter. Remove the tea bag or infuser, or use a tea strainer for the leaves

Enjoy tea and better health.

The brands I enjoy most are yogi, tea forte, tea republic and aloha brand. Look for all things organic.

My favorite teas are stash licorice spice, yogi ginger, tea fortes lemongrass ginger and cherry marzipan, aloha sleep, celestial dirty chi and tea republic hibiscus tea. 

Many teas can help with inflammation, bloating, digestion, energy, immune builder, weight loss, the benefits can be endless.
TRY SOME TEA SOON! If you know of some awesome teas let me know, I would to try them.What are your favorites?