Warning this is Not healthy, lmao.

There is no real cupcake etiquette but this is funniest way I know how to eat one.

It’s gluten-free only for me please but by all means this works with any cupcake that has icing. And why would you be eating a cupcake without icing anyway?  Just saying, cause that would be wierd . My sister is the one who taught me how to truly get all the benefits of this tasty treat. Thanks sis. Icing and cake in every bite you know.  A cupcake sandwich, ahhhhh!  What a shame, you thought you were doin it right. No worries cause you know now.  Pass it on to the world. It will make the world a better place for sure. 

Pull the bottom off, it breaks away pretty seamlessly.  Put the bottom on top over the icing and you have a cupcake sandwich.

King Arthur chocolate cake mixes are terrific to make cupcakes.  Dunkin Hines and Betty Crocker icings are mostly GF, check labels. There are plenty even though they are not too healthy. Too much sugar, and corn syrup and processed everything, yuck!  BUT… This is ONLY a treat remember. Does anyone remember Fluff, yes marshmallow fluff is GF too.  I love to ice GF dark chocolate cupcakes with fluff. Oh how I love fluff but shouldn’t. GOTTA GO LOL. Time to make a batch of cupcakes. If anyone knows of a great way to detox sugar message me please. Thx. 

Live, eat share gluten-free and FODMAPish.