imageIs your belly always angry? Is it always screaming at you? Does your belly blow up by midday?

Be nice to your gut. Calm things down by using a FODMAP DIET.

It’s a limited time diet that starts off with an elimination phase then it remains low FODMAP until you reintroduce foods. It’s typically utilized by those suffering from IBS. It balances your gut flora, restores an overall healthy intestinal environment and relives intestinal inflammation. Prior to my Celiac diagnosis I was told I had IBS and got some relief from this diet. But, the real story is how I used it after that diagnosis. I obviously went on a gluten-free diet but I still had some stomach issues. Especially when I’m in gluten situations. FODMAP’s allowed me to achieve a complete recovery.  I now use FODMAP’s to restore and/or maintain my gut health. Why should those IBS folks have market cornered on this diet.  It’s not like they own it or anything. I say why we can’t we all get the benefits. 

Ok, what exactly is the low fodmap diet? Well, it’s all about that sugar. It’s how the carbohydrates and sugars irritate the gut and throw things into a tailspin. I realize this is more like FODMAP’s for dummies but things do get overwhelming with this diet. Well, for me anyway, it can get complicated. It’s also newly developed and currently being researched. That means it is constantly being redeveloped or updated. For that reason, old information is contradicted constantly. Keep yourself informed and up to date. Those carbs and sugars are found in the foods we eat all the time. They are in foods that are good for us too. Foods like watermelon are high FODMAP. How do we know what to eat? The diet is designed to avoid food high in FODMAPS.  It incorporates and encourages low FODMAP foods that doesn’t cause gut irritation and allows our gut to heal or recover. Use the FODMAP CHART

Foods high in FODMAPs: Fructose (fruits, honey, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), etc) Lactose (dairy) Fructans (wheat, garlic, onion, inulin etc) Galactans (legumes such as beans, lentils, soybeans, etc) Polyols (sweeteners containing isomalt, mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, stone fruits such as avocado, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, etc).


Aghhhh, it sounds like we eat nothing but that’s not true at all. Lots of foods are low FODMAP and allowable. Think whole and natural. Nothing out of a box or processed.  It’s amazing when you eat whole foods. Nothing tastes better than  fresh and delicious real foods. It awakens your taste buds actually. This isn’t a laborious dull diet either. No, not all, it’s refreshing and invigorating. Not only does it restore your gut, it also restores energy to your life. A restart in many ways.

My experience with this diet was incredible. For years I destroyed my gut not realizing I was celiac.  Just going gluten-free didn’t restore my gut even though I was feeling better on the proper diet. FODMAP did the trick.  I started with elimination phase including  bone broth  and then establishing trigger foods. That allowed me to realize the things I can’t eat at all. Like corn for me is completely off limits but I can eat a small amount of garlic. A food journal to reintroduce foods slowly is recommended. It is useful and  believe me there is nothing more boring than recording everything you eat. But, the feedback is ultimately invaluable. Do it. 

I now live FODMAPish. It’s my way of going in and out of the guidelines to maintain my good gut health or restore it. When I start to get constipated or expierncie bloat I reel it in. I go strictly low FODMAP. As a 50 year old woman belly bloat can be a real nightmare. This diet is a good tool to keep it all under control no matter if it’s gluten, hormones, or intolerance. 

Eat what you like from the allowable low FODMAP foods and enjoy them. Use that reference chart.

  A few foods SAFE FOODS to eat that are low FOMAP are:

Almond butter, sunbutter, peanut butter

Bananas, oranges, avocados, coconut 

Sun flower seeds , pine nuts 

Fish, chicken, beef, pork


Spinach, arugula, bean sprouts 

Dark chocolate 

These foods will really help and you will not be miss anything. Be open to it. Don’t focus on the restrictions. Keep a list of the allowable foods with you and it will be easier than you think.

Eating out, just stick to grilled meats, chicken, fish and ask for it over arugula salad or even plain spinach. You can easily ask for lemon and olive oil.  Don’t stress is my point. 

Check out this shopping list link that will help you easily find more foods.

Guidelines regarding sweeteners are to avoid ALL artificial sweeteners and in sparse amounts you may have white sugar, brown sugar, golden syrups and maple syrups.  Please note that agave and honey are high FODMAP. Oh, and come on now, use common sense  with these choices.  


Live, eat,share, gluten-free and FODMAPish.