NYC offers so much and especially on a Saturday night. Jumping on the express bus and getting into the heart of Manhattan with dear friends in tow, it doesn’t get better. We went to grab a bit to eat late night and it was so much fun. We headed up the Avenue of the Americas to a place called Quality Italian. A hip restaurant offering steaks and seafood. They did accomadate my celiac needs but I have say to they were not the most gracious about it. I did expect a little more knowledge and/or acceptance from our server. With that out of the way, no worries for me, I navigate that all time.

The food was spectacular and the wine special was a grab bag. Yeah, a WINE GRAB BAG?!?  The $75  a bottle special moves bottles they would rather finish off from the inventory. We were told they are only handpicked selections made by the sommelier. It most likely is a bottle leftover from a wine list change or a sell out. There may only be that one bottle left in inventory so it is on special in the wine grab bag. It is more gently referred to as the sommelier’s bin on the menu. 


We are game. It was a Pinot noir that came and it was delicious, light but flavorful. The wine went terrific with our shellfish actually.  A red and shellfisf…WOW, we are wild tonight, lol. 


Sokol Blosser 2012 Pinot noir

I looked up the wine on to really see what we fared. I found it for $36.0o which seems to be a good mark up ratio compared to the $75 we paid.  I’m not exactly sure though, remember it was presented as a special pricing. But, I do I think it was bargain. The wine reviewed good on the website and is mentioned to have orange citrus notes which is why it pared so well with the seafood, I am figuring.

If some of my “winey” friends out there could weigh in on the wine and perhaps the whole wine grab bag concept that would be great.  What do you think about this whole wine grab bag concept? Were we joining in on some adventurous fun or just being taken for a ride? Idk. 


The seafood tower called a seafood bouquet on the menu was absolutely spectacular.  HUGE shrimp, lobster and crisp fresh oysters. All accomplished with mignonette vinegrette and aloli ‘s . A recipe for good times with great friends. 

Btw we did have a second bottled of wine. Don’t judge us remember, we were taking the bus. However, we did not do the wine grab bag for that second bottle. We chose a bottle of flowers Pinot noir which was a slice heaven even at the hefty price tag of $115. You only live once and I only live FODMAPish. The “ish” leaves room for nights like this one .  

Wine grab bag, what do you think?  

Live, eat, share, gluten free and FODMAPish