1 bunch organic  Asparagus 

4 pieces fresh organic ginger

4 tbsp live oil

Pink Himalayan sea salt

Cracked pepper

Thai Kitchen organic unsweetened coconut milk (GF)

1/4 wedge lemon 

Sliced almonds to sprinkle 

Sauté Asparagus in olive and oil seasoned well. Do not over cook just a few minutes until slightly tender. Blend asparagus and ginger in a vita mix or restaurant quality blender, the bullet brand does just fine too. You made need a tablespoon or more of water to blend it all properly. Sometimes I use a splash of chicken broth (GF) for extra flavor. You are looking for a loose purée consistency not a watery mixture. Pour back into pot. Continue to cook adding in the can of Thai coconut milk. Squeeze a quarter of fresh lemon into soup and season once more to taste.  Garnish with sliced almonds for a great texture to the soup.  

Recipe note:

Every once in a while I feel the asparagus can be very bitter or overly pungent. In that case, I drizzle a bit of honey into the hot soup as to adjust the flavor.