OK, OK , SIMMER DOWN!  Well, only if I could, right?..but I CAN’T. 

Our adrenals are the “fight or flight” within us. Hormone issues at fifty have me down right, well…NUTS! I know lots of woman and I suspect MEN too who suffer with hormones going aria. I also know that out of virtually no where, I started clenching my teeth and I feel agitated over pretty much nothing. I also have experienced brain fogginess,. Wow, brain fogginess is crazy scary. I stopped at a green light as if it was red. A GREEN LIGHT …what was I thinking? I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me which had me crying at every turn too. I have to say that overwhelming stress has contributed to my personal situation as well. Oh but stress also puts hormones out of whack. aghhhhhh.

One day this too can be you because I was pretty normal once.

To navigate this topic seems like a mind field itself. Most doctor’s don’t offer real answers instead they tell you it’s normal for your age. That response insights rage within me. In my experience, NO help there. At that minute I realized it’s important to research your doctor. Find one who manages their practice with the things you are looking for. For me, it’s someone who is interactive with the patient not only at a check up. A doctor who has a great nurse practitioner is able get you into the office more often for small issues. Blood tests right in the office is also helpful. Lastly I need a doctor who recognizes both traditional and alternative medicines. 

I finally went to a friends homeopathic doctor, there things got revealed. She did listen and she tested and now I know that my adrenals are in trouble.

What can you do about it?…EAT. That is right, eat, eat, eat! We can eat certain foods to soothe our adrenals and restore our hormones. In fact, it’s an essential step to restoring our adrenals. You may not be that hungry at breakfast if your adrenals are off. See it throws off a lot of things in your body and one is cortisol which then peaks right when we wake up so no hunger. You need eat something regardless of hunger by 10am and have small quality snacks so you don’t have big meals that bloat you. I was told big meals are not good for adrenal but I figure they just are not good period. Eat a protein, a carb and a healthy fat in every full meal. Salt is actually alright as long as blood pressure isn’t an issue. Eat lots of veggies especially those bright vibrant ones. Ohhhh and limit the  fruits, apparently the combinations of fructose and potassium worsens adrenals. That figures, I love fruit. Do refer to the Adrenal diet , for a list of acceptable fruits. This list includes a do and don’t food reference. Do intake essential oils like olive and grape seed. Lots of do’s and don’ts but I was willing to do anything. So I did it.  

Now I’m totally gluten-free due to my celiac and  FODMAPish for the gut sensitivity issues, I limit dairy because I think I’m lactose intolerant and now I have hormone changes. It’s amazing because I actually think I feel terrific and yet I really do have these things. I’m familiar with real illness since my husband has had very serious life threatening conditions the last few years. With that said what I have is called life. That’s right we all got some sort of thing. I also take the approach that there must something I can do to help myself.  I found that most often it’s about what I eat.  I try to choose food and drink to best serve what ales me.

Suzanne Somers does a great job at simplifying this whole hormone topic and restoring our adrenals. Come back here, YES…I said Suzanne Somers. She really has a great supplement for adrenals and she explains in detail on her video blogging how to take it. The adrenal supplement is called Adrenal stress relef. I have also taken her calm which restores restful sleep. I really like her promise of organic products and use of the highest quality ingredients. 


Realize, It will take some time to restore your adrenals. Your body fights it every step of the way. Techniques to relax are extremely useful too. Obviously meditation can help but also yoga, tai chi, prayer, even reading. Maintaining calmness in your life can be difficult. Regardless of life itself you need to put yourself on the priority list.  We all deserve to the smell the roses and check out HAPPYself.

Adrenal imbalance robs us of our contentment. All the while my adrenals were out of whack I was just complaining.  I’m so glad I decided to take charge of things.  Not only did I feel better but with hormones in check but life itself seems happy once again. My contentment is back!

Don’t  let life pass you up. Jump in and do it right. SO, life goes on with yet, another “thing”. Oh well. 

Eat right, get enough sleep and take your supplements to restore your adrenals. You will be on the road to recovery in no time.

So, for now life goes on.  Next on the hit list…ALKALINE. STAY TUNED!

Please note: No medical advice is offered within this post. This post Contains only my opinion and person experiences.

Live , eat, share, gluten-free and FODMAPish.