QUICK YOGA THAT IS. These quick and super easy  yoga poses will not only relive stress but it will help tone your body, relieve constipation and will increase your overall strength. I do it twice a day sometimes. Tummy issues inflict horror to many of us. No matter if you’re celiac (or gluten sensitive) and have been “glutened’ or if you suffer from ibs, managing stress and getting physical activity like this easy yoga offers all of us brain and belly busting benefits.

Most of us are following some sort of special diet these days. We follow diets  like  FODMAP, organic, cleansing, grain free and raw diets to gain optimum health but actually we all need to incorporate some kind of physical activity to clear our minds. I’ve noticed we seem to have the diet thing down and some are even committed to excersise but it’s the stress that will ruin us.  I love this yoga routine for that reason. It will allow the daily stress to melt away. It encourages good thoughts. Easy yoga offers a calm and cleansing state. I’m telling you most us of us still ignore this as a health benefit. For me, I like to do it in the morning because it gets my mind in a positive direction for the day. And, on an extremely stressful day I love it at night before bed.  It helps me sleep better on those nights my mind is racing.

Keeping our insides distressed and healthier can be beneficial to everyone, no matter what dietary guidelines you follow. Try to put this in your daily routine.

Taking care of mind and body for optimum health.


Live, eat. share, gluten-free and FODMAPish.