Taking FODMAPs to the Mediterranean go figure!  Oh and YEAHHHHH!

This is the best information I’ve been introduced to in a long while. Why not link the healthiest diet on the planet with the low FODMAP diet that some of us need to adhere to. Now like I always mention, I’m Celiac but with that comes the inevitable “glutenting”issues and subsequently the ibs symptoms.  So, this is an absolutely no brainer for me.  These two diet lifestyle offer everything I’m looking for in life. For one it’s not a diet with calorie counting or limitations.  Its not a diet in the sense of a weight loss program. It’s a healthy way to eat and live. It’s a better choice better eating lifestyle. The added health benefits of the Mediterranean diet along the symptom reliving qualities of low FODMAP diet can really offer me and fellow suffers some well deserved feel good eats.  I call  FODMAPs FODMAPIsh because it’s not an intended consistent diet. It’s an “ish” thing for me. It’s meant to heal the gut, curb ibs issues and reset your digestive tract. I follow it pretty closely but always include small amounts of either high FODMAP or undetermined foods. I don’t deprive myself,  I use moderation. I also did my elimination portion of the FODMAP diet and establish my triggers which I do avoid for the most part. Eating a Mediterranean diet will keep me healthy and should please my belly as well. It’s a Mediterranean diet as a mainstay and LOW FODMAP to follow.

So have that dark chocolate, a glass of wine, some roasted veggies, olive oil and so on and so on.

Oooooo this is so good!

Please go on to Monash and it check it all out:

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and FODMAPish.