UNUSUAL ingredient alert, FURIKAKE! It’s really not that unusual just regional. Hawaii knows all about it.  This local Hawaiian mixture of sesame seeds and seaweed add the earth and ocean to everything it is  sprinkled over. I love it and I would love  to hear about your unusual ingredients too. Please leave a note  in the comments, if you have one. Feel free to include a recipe and/or your blog information as well.  image


Funny, that mention unusual ingredients and talk about salmon. Most of us prepare salmon pretty much the usual ways. It’s like who takes chances with salmon, right?  This recipe will breathe freshness into that boring salmon salad.

-Roast the salmon but first rub it with some Dijon mustard, seaweed flake mix. I use a mixture called furikake. It’s my Hawaii find and now a favorite to add to  most everything. It’s so yummy on salads but be caution for GF varieties, some do add soy sauce. If you can’t find furikake just use sesame seeds and some seaweed flakes or even capers, for that matter. Capers will also add that earthy briny flavor that contributes so nicely to this recipe. Squeeze half a  lemon over everything. I usually dislike fish over cooked but salmon is my exception. I like it well roasted, especially when using it in salad.


-Let the salmon cool completely and break into pieces.image


-Mix in 2 or 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise , I do use Hellman’s (don’t judge), but homemade is so much better of course. Measurements will vary depending on how much salmon you have for the salad. Add 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard, sea salt to taste, a pinch cayenne, juice of half a lemon, 1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds and cut up pea sprouts.

-Now, here is the real kicker, dice and add FRESH FENNEL . I even add some fronds too.

Have it over some organic arugula or with some cucumber slices for a super delicious and healthy meal. Hollow out the  baby cucumbers and use it as an elegant appetizer for friendly get togethers


note: If you don’t have the furikake, seaweed flake mix,  omit it and just use sesame seeds and capers for a little crunch and that earthy briny flavor. Retain the capers after roasting salmon and add to salad.

I love roasting fish and making fresh salads like my Roasted tuna salad. But, the ingredients for this salmon dish are just something a bit more fresh and rejuvenated for those hot summer recipe blahs. August here in NYC  is way  too hot and humid to grill outdoors. Enjoy this light refreshing summer salad.

If you have an unusual ingredient and love using it, let us know about it.

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and FODMAPish.