Yes, dollar store finds can offer an endless array of useful items at an extremely cheap price. Dollar ziplock bags, dollar aluminum foil, dollar juice glasses, dollar  everything. And..these little gems for only a dollar. Well, that just gets us all excited. Who doesn’t love a dollar store?  So needless to say, I love these dollar store finds for vacation packing from the travel channel. My favorite one is the clothes pin toothbrush holder. No, wait…it’s the oven mitt for the curling iron. Just genius 😉  

Check out what I’m talking about on the link below from the travel channel, the savvy traveler. It does not disappoint.

The travel channel Dollar store packing hacks video‼️

This one isn’t my typical post but I couldn’t resist sharing it, enjoy.  

And, Let us know if you have a pack hack like this.  

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and FODMAPIsh.