BULGOGI is a Korean classic which I understand has many versions. So, please anyone out there who can offer good input do it. I’d love to learn more about this one. This recipe I prepared the meat two ways. I use ground pork which I think is very unconventional and sliced pork. I’m pretty sure any meat will do. I first had this dish with chicken. My sister Michelle, (Hi Michelle ūü§ó) made it for the family and it was so different and tasty I had to recreate¬†it. We (my husband and I), love pork, so pork it is.

Here goes!!!


1/3 cup  GF soy sauce or Tamari

2 tbsp sesame oil

2 tbsp honey or choose a low FODMAP sweeter of¬†¬†your choice. This amount of honey I’m fine with since it’s a dish which serves multiple portions.

2 tbsp rice wine vinegar

small bunch scallions (can be omitted if adhering to stick low FODMAP guidelines, but much better than onion)

2 cloves garlic

1 tsp freshly grated ginger

2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds, I added a few more

1 lb meat of choice, I used ground pork and 2 sliced pork chops

1/3 cup shredded carrots, I used rainbow carrots which I’ve just been waiting to use them in something great

2 tbsp  mong sprouts

1/4  bag of rice noodles

1 head bib or Boston lettuce to use as wraps

I doubled the amounts of the marinade since I made two meat¬†styles. You don’t have to make both ground and sliced, I just wanted to see which I preferred. ¬†Well, that was a toss up because both were so tasty.

Sliced meat:

Marinate the sliced pork in a Baggie with half the marinade for about 20 minutes.

For the ground meat:

First brown the ground pork , then  drain the fat and excess liquid. Return the meat to the pan and pour in the other half of the marinade and cook until the sauce is almost absorbed.

The rice noodles cook for 4 minutes in boiling water. Just drain and add some oil so they don’t stick. Set aside for the meal.

Wash and set out the lettuce to use as wraps.

Assembly is easy. Take the lettuce and place a few noodles while cupping in your hand.  Now spoon the meat over it, wrap and eat. It is messy and delicious.

This will almost certainly take away those dinner ruts. This dish is bursting with fun, flavor and flare. Enjoy!

My cook note is that I also added a pinch (ok maybe a bit more) of cayenne pepper which I found to be very satisfying. It’s all about the spice in my house. And, my sister used Mong noodles in her version which I loved too but couldn’t find. I added the mong sprouts.

Thanks, Shelly for once again opening up my horizons!

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and Fodmapish.