ALIGOT otherwise known as FRENCH AWESOMENESS or Cheesy creamy mashed potatoes!

A not to be missed ALIGOT video, click link.


OMG is all I can say about this one. The French certainly don’t play around when it comes to their food. These seriously awesome cheesy mash potato are life changing.  A culinary marvel so to say. It’s half mash potatoe and half fondue and you smother it over anything. I think I’m in yummy heaven. It’s the ultimate comfort food except it’s not chocolate. Fall and winter months will never be without ALIGOT ever again.

Now I know it’s not for the lactose intolerant but take a lactaid and indulge at least once in a while. It’s also  loaded with fat and calories but it’s a “who cares” moment for dishes like this dish, YOLO! So throw caution to the wind, live a little and make some ALIGOT on that first brisk fall day.  I’m thinking short ribs to accompany my ALIGOT. Yeah, meaty juicy rich short ribs smothered in ALIGOT.  A feast for royalty for sure. Then I know…a total diet recovery to follow. YOLO recipe alert. I know, I know.

A traditional French Aligot recipe , from (pic below).

5 large Yukon gold potatoes

1/2  stick butter at least

1 cup  Crème fraiche warmed

2 cups shredded cheese

Sea Salt and cracked black pepper.

The French recipe I linked calls for tomme a mild mozzarella  like cheese. I used 1 cup Gruyere and I cup mozeralla and it was divine  I also used some fresh parsley.  I made this for the first time all on its own but typically the French will smoother it over plain gill  meats to add that rich French flare we all love. Like I mentioned I think it screams for short ribs. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Potatoes and butter are  low FODMAP choices but as for the cheese and cream they fall on the moderate range. I find with complete avoidance I can indulge occasionally with only minor reactions. FODMAPs are a very individualized experience and you can customize the cheese in this recipe to a more tolerable variety if you choose. Cheddar for some people would be a good choice.

Live, eat share, gluten-free and Fodmapish.