YES, surprise meatloaf, ok, ok, it’s really a huge meatball made into a loaf. Well, who doesn’t love a giant meatball? Honestly, idk one person who wouldn’t.

Here we go:

Two cans certified San Marzano tomatoes hand crushed or blended  

1 clove organic garlic, if sensitive to garlic use a teaspoon of garlic infused oil

1/2 cup freshly grated locatelli cheese 

2 eggs 

3/4. cup GF breadcrumbs, I use 4c  brand 

A fist full of fresh organic parsley and basil chopped (extra for sauce too) 

1 lb ground organic pork 

1 lb ground organic beef 

1 fresh mozeralla ball  salted 

Sea salt and cracked pepper and crushed pepper 

Start heating garlic, parse;y,  basil, crushed pepper in olive oil. Season with salt/pepper too.  Add tomatoes when heated and cook for 1 hour.  

Mix the meats with herbs, cheese, breadcrumb, eggs and cheese. Season with salt and pepper and mix. Pat down half the meat mixture into roasting pan. Make a small impression down middle and lay cheese on meat. Cover with remaining meat and smother in tomato sauce. Roast in oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour. AND suprise… ITS MEATLOAF!


Actually when my mom made this years ago for us kids the suprise was the ooey gooey cheese inside. This was my all time childhood favorite meal. Before my GF days I complimented this dish with egg noodles. Just cover the noodles with the tomato sauce which blends amazingly with the meat drippings. It will soon be your favorite too. Today I’m GF due to celiac and enjoy my GF version with a salad or roasted potatoes for an indulgent feel. Yummy!!!


Live, eat, share, gluten-free and