This version is prepared in a real flash, no kidding. With… Fall coming in so fast it makes those blustery days warm up in an instant.  

Quickie ingredients:

I whole garlic clove, leave whole and remove for a lower fodmap version. I give it a bit of a smash for a little more garlic flavor, 1 garlic clove seems to agree with me. 

Crushed red pepper, pinch

Sea salt, pepper to taste

Lemon wedge 

Piece of rind from your grated cheese, I use pecorino Romano cheese. Great tip to flavor any soup. 

1 large head of green chard washed and cut small. 

2 cans white cannellini beans rinsed and partly smashed, to add a thicker consistency. 

Olive oil 

Saute garlic with olive oil, red pepper and sea salt.  Add in green chard and Saute for a few more minutes, then add in beans. Add two or three cups of water, squeeze of lemon  and cheese rind. Remove the rind when serving. Season to taste.

Ready to eat when heated to a low simmer. Makes a great soup and sandwich dinner night.  

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and Fodmapish.