That’s right icing. NO not like cake icing although, I would love that to be a valid beauty treatment. It’s frozen ice!

It is no secret when you suffer with anything from celiac, ibs, rosacea, etc, skin becomes an issue. Breakouts, redness, swelling, dark circles all present themselves right on our faces. I myself am afflicted with chin cysts, blotchiness and redness. I’m celiac and my first sign of a gluten reaction is skin issues and rashes. I have long used ice to combat these issues and with enormous success I should say.

I freeze wash cloths regularly to have them ready. I soak them and wring out excess water then place in a zip lock sandwich bag. Place that in the freezer and have a frozen facial on hand all the time. I put one right on my face and cat nap  before going out. A chilly refresher that really adds a glow. I place ice cubes on my chin when cysts present and keep my desert island product the rosewater facial spray  in the fridge. Use the cool mist to combat puffiness and as a finishing spray to set your makeup. I do that everyday to make things just right.

A desert island product alert:


Reading the links below I discovered the great idea to make ice cubes with things like glycolic acid or honey for added skin benefits.

These ice skin facials are an invaluable beauty treatment to those of us dealing with skin reactions. Like I mentioned at the top don’t underestimate the connection between food issues and our skin.

Check out these terrific links explaining more benefits of ice facials:

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and Fodmapish.