This one is on the super easy , super quick list.

Take an elongated aubergine or eggplant as some may call it and score it lengthwise.  Season  well with sea salt and pepper and olive oil. Slice up an heirloom tomato and place between slice spaces. Roast until fully cooked.

Tonight I ate it plain because I’m avoiding diary right now.  But…try this. Place a slice of burrata cheese right atop the veggies for about a minute or so of cooking. Ohhh, that warm burrata will elevate this dish to heavenly levels. Burrata cheese is a freshly made Italian cheese of  mozzeralla and cream.  No brainer, right!

I also  have made this dish with ground lamb.  Just sauté up some ground lamb with Moroccan seasoning, salt/pepper then spooned that mixture right  on top of the eggplant dish. It will not disappoint and makes the dish a little heartier.

However you choose this quick and delicious dinner it is light and low fodmap healthy. And… all with no fuss or muss.

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and Fodmapish