First let’s talk cheese. Yes, cheese you CAN eat it.

Now let’s do this right. I will start off by asking for input from readers that can contribute or help educate us better.  I am expressing only my cheese experiences which for me translate into how I interact with my cheeses. Being Celiac for the most part lends itself to being lactose intolerant as well. I am told that’s because casein a protein in dairy products is similar to gluten. It’s not gluten but can irritate those who react to gluten. Now with that said I do eat cheese and I love it. And, I choose my cheeses cautiously. I eat and enjoy  cheeses lower in lactose which means they are lower in sugars. That means they are lower in FODMAPs as well.

Following, it’s a win, win.

Low fodmap cheeses include feta, Parmesan, Swiss, cottage cheese, ricotta, ricotta salads , mozzarella. Oh and there’s more too. Music to your ears I would think. These cheeses are naturally lower in FODMAPs too. No extra processing just healthy delicious good for you cheeses.

Let’s get it straight a low fodmap lifestyle includes cheese. Moderation and selection is key to keeping it in your diet successfully.

Ways I enjoy my cheese…

Baked feta: take a wedge of feta, (never buy the crumbled cheeses) and place in a casserole dish.  Smother in tomato sauce and bake until cheese softens.  I get some gluten-free  flat bread and dig in.

Ricotta salad my favorite is tangy and versatile. A dried ricotta that packs a punch.  Just simply grate  over grilled meats and vegetables to add that something special  or add to salads. But to knock things out of the kitchen and this will sound strange to some of you. Slice it up along with pickle slices and gluten-free crackers. You will  have the best nosh ever trust me.   My favorite gluten free crackers pictured below.



As for my favorite way to eat traditional ricotta look up my Panelle fries recipe.  A dollop of ricotta onto those fries is bliss. 6d9e8420-41ad-4722-b101-bc9c8cf6665a-530-0000009b96df78a0_tmp

Here is a link to one my favorite fodmap sourcing  blogs that offers a wonderful  article on cheeses and includes a great reference charts too. Check it out, A little bit yummy.

Heres a remedy that does the trick for that moment when you overindulge.

No shame zone, we’ve all been there. This offers quick relief for me.  6fc5dfbb-d33b-4b55-b8e7-1dc164deb585-530-000000a560b29964_tmp

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and Fodmapish.