Ok this conjures up thoughts of that famous Louisiana RedHot sauce ad “I put this shit on everything”. The shit in this case is coconut oil. Except it’s not shit is a miracle worker. Yeah plain old coconut oil nothing special except always use organic extra Virgin. But no worries there either just buy the one in the supermarket. A good quality  food grade coconut oil you can ingest. But don’t stop there slather it on your skin, hair, nails, use to brush teeth, as an antifungal, a make up remover. Are you staring to see my point?

For fodmaps lasted low down on coconut go check out: http://blog.katescarlata.com/2014/10/21/coconut-low-fodmap-diet/

Let’s take it to the obvious first. Cook up some veggies in coconut oil like shredded carrots, zucchini and bok choy add in a tablespoon of ghee and some chopped macadamia nuts or sliced almonds. Serve it with some grilled shrimp and garnish with  a sprinkle of  toasted coconut. A tropical gluten-free super healthy dish I love anytime of the year  

Use coconut flour as a substitute to regular flour to get those favorite recipes gluten free.  I love the flavor and it response really well to recipes that have lots of moisture like carrot cake  or banana breads.  


Now on to why I think coconut oil is my desert island product. Once a week I run it through my hair for rich conditioning it will absolutely cure split ends.  I keep it bedside to rub into my cuticles at night. It will make nails grow real fast and strong.  I also use it as an eye cream. It helps with dark circles and has anti aging properties. It’s also great once a week to smear all over your cleaned face and rinse off with warm water. It removes those  little stubborn make up particles and moisturizes your skin and eyelashes.

Coconut oil is not only good for humans share it with your pets. I give my furry friend Jonas a rub to his coat before bathing him.  It detangles  and conditions his fur.  It loosen up that gunk that collects around his eye too.  Rinse your pet well in warm soapy water and you will see a clean shiny fluffy pup when all done.  

Brushing your teeth with coconut oil is a wonderful alternative to “pulling”. Pulling is a technique some do by swishing  a tablespoon or so of coconut oil for several minutes and then spit out. But I find it a bit gross and oily. I truly think it’s more psycho somatic but I just can’t do it. So instead I put a small amount on my toothbrush and brush. I brush my gums my tongue and then brush with my usual toothpaste to refresh my mouth. I did have slightly swollen gums that visually seem to have improved. Really! 

Add some sea salt and lavender essence and/or petals and you have a spa scrub. I love to use this mixture on my legs especially before shaving or self tanning. Did some say tanning?  It always works wonders for me to extend a real tan. It prevents peeling and enriches the golden tan.

Use as a foot rub. Remember it’s antifungal so it will do those winter weary feet good. For goodness sake this miracle oil can even relive femine itch…need I say more. Get some coconut oil right away and start putting this shit on everything, lol.



Please check out the WELLNESS MAMA for coconut information and fun ideas: https://wellnessmama.com/5734/coconut-oil/

And…Try coconut water is not only delish but its super hydrating immune booting and rich in minerals. http://www.top10homeremedies.com/news-facts/top-10-health-benefits-coconut-water.html Sip on this powerhouse and enjoy.