SCALLOPINI is that preparation suitable to make everything ooo soooo delicious. It’s just a term for a thin variety of meat  which is dredged in flour and cooked off in a hot skillet.  You can use any meat like chicken, pork, veal.  I even came across a lamb cutlet recently. Here in NYC SCALLOPINI is that go to meal. It’s quick it’s easy and the entire family is happy eating it. 

Tonight I had these awesome turkey cutlets.  Btw I realized a while ago that people don’t use the term cutlet all over the place.  I don’t know if it’s regional or cultural.  It refers to the thin slice of meat. Where SCALLOPINI suggests more of the preparation. I love cutlets. I even love getting chicken or pork cutlets pounded extra thin to make certain dishes. 

Recipe: Start with dredging the cutlets in flour. I use cup for cup brand gluten-free.  That’s my favorite brand of flour for most everything. Season the flour with salt and pepper. Then sauté the meat in olive oil and butter.  Remove the meat and set aside. Put sliced mushrooms in hot pan and let cook. After a bit season with sea salt and pour in 1 1/2 cups of  white wine.  Let it cook down for several minutes then add in two tablespoons of butter. Place cutlets back  into pan after tasting to make sure the alcohol in the wine has cook off. Toss in a handful of chopped fresh parsley.  ENJOY!

FODMAP dishing: This dish is gluten-free as I always eat GF due to celiac but a word of caution to those of you following a low FODMAP  diet. Watch the mushrooms.  I don’t eat mushroom often. Some people can’t eat them ever.  In fact I really am pretty cautious with them  myself. I consume mushrooms probably once a month, any more than that and I react. I do love how they taste.  But I  found out my tolerance when I did my elimination a few years ago. I can accept eating mushroom but not on a regular basis. A food  journal helped me know this. I recommend to everyone to know yourself through food. I know so many of us say we are starting a food journal and don’t. It did one only after resisting and being too lazy but once I did a food journal it opened my eyes. Instead of continually suffering or totally omitting things forever, I found moderation is key to most my fodmap issues. Most FODMAP issues vary individually so personalize your food. You can enjoy  the foods you love. And you can realize the foods you need to stay from. I personally can’t eat any corn or apples.  Not a little…not any they just trigger me instantly. So don’t be a snob to a food journal  do it! Avoiding everything isn’t the answer.  Eat and be happy.  

Lower FODMAP varieties to this dish would be using lemon and capers  or julienned carrots or even string beans.  

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and Fodmapish.