This recipe calls for roasting turkey tenderloin. It usually comes two to a vacuum pack but can be small.  So for a full family meal I use both tenderloin. Season with Himalayan sea salt, cracked pepper and parsley. A small drizzle of olive oil over top will help give a wonderful roasted color to the meat. 

Heat grated ginger and one minced garlic clove and some cut up mushrooms. For a lower old map version saute whole garlic clove and remove it at end and limit the portion of mushrooms. I used 4 large ordinary variety mushrooms. After its heated up season everything with sea salt and pepper. Drizzle some  sesame oil but be cautious this can have a pungent taste.  Add olive oil then bok choy and let it cook a few minutes. Add in one can rinsed sliced water chestnuts.  

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