Balsamic dressing:

‘Whisk together maile dijon mustard, sea salt, cracked pepper, grated ginger  and lemon. Then add balsamic vinegar whisk vigorously and slowly add in olive oil. Whisking the dressing will make it thicker in texture than if you just shook it all up.  Using a blender will make the consistency even  thicker. Also a reduced balsamic vinegar will lend itself to a thick dressing  

The fresh ginger and lemon gives that depth of flavor to the dressing and you will not miss the onion and garlic used  in this version. I’m  keeping it low fodmapish. 


1lb ground turkey meat, chopped arugula, season with sea salt and cracked pepper, add a handful of gluten-free breadcrumbs and about 1/4 cup the balsamic dressing. Mix well. Form burgers and cook. After fully cooked drizzle with some additional dressing. 

My favorite condiments for these tangy burgers are a dollop of Dijon mustard, Mayo, and minced hot peppers. I use udi millet chia gluten free bread too!

Also great Homestyled bottled balsamic dressing are available like my friend’s very own Cucina Teresa balsamic. Which I must confess I cooked with for this recipe tonight but shhhh! 👍. This version not as fodmapish since it does use garlic and onion. Who’s got time to make dressing? Lol  IMG_2094

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and fodmapish.