So,  here I am, Maui Hawaii. A vacay with a mai tai, ALOHA!

A very well-earned vacation with hubby. He has had some pretty close calls with his health. Thanks to Cornell Weill NYC he is alive and living. 

So we swim, do sunset, eat and repeat. Not bad. Some local fare has been exceptionally delicious. I am fortunate enough to get here every summer but this year with those health issues it’s a true blessing. Maybe we are just enjoying everything a little sweeter this time around.

I know for most us it all about surf, the mountains, the waterfalls, it’s Hawaii after all.  For foodies it’s always about the food. experiencing local food and culture is a wonderful activity. But, being celiac makes it very challenging in most places. Hawaii is diet friendly  meaning they accept the alternatives like vegans, pescatarians, and yes gluten free.  It’s wonderful.

One delicious restaurant has been The Mill House. A newly opened spot with just the best food on the island. And let me tell you we’ve had some good meals all over this Island. So that says a lot. 

What captured my admiration for this place in particular was its local sustainability and committed environmental spirit. A glowing item on the menu is the mortadella. Yes in Hawaii mortadella?  IMG_2682But, this is a play on that highly consumed spam luncheon meat. It’s marinated in teriyaki, fried over sticky rice and a side of homemade pickles. Surprisingly yummy. They accommodated my GF without blinking. Had tamari on hand.  Even offered a GF shortcake dessert made with almond flour. 

Yeah Maui, Hawaii I’m so blessed to experience all this. Oh and your waterfall aren’t bad either. Actually I’m in love with Maui, always have been. 

Check out the pics and hubby says hi while enjoying escargot Maui style. The other things we enjoyed that strawberry shortcake GF, steak with papaya salad, goat milk gelato, flourless chocolate cake, tuna poke and jalapeño mash potatoes. And that lilikoi merengue mai tai, need i say more. I don’t want to leave out  those awesome drink selections from Spago. The indecent exposure was my fav. Mezcal and jalapeño sipped at sunset so relaxing. I just can’t forget it.  

All item were GF or accomadated GF request. Live Maui celiac/gluten free friendly.  


The places we ate it all. The Lahaina grill, Monkey Pod, The Mill House, Spago, Tommy Bahama, shops at Wailea, Restaurant at hotel Wailea. 

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and fodmapish. 

See you soon. Xoxo aloha!🌸🌺