D6119A0F-4819-45FB-A64E-251F010F9FB5So the days of a starchy tasteless pasta are over. Hallelujah! The new fresh brands offer a delicious gluten free version of pasta. Yup, it cooks quickly and fits into any recipe. Here I sautéd  small tomatoes with garlic basil and olive oil. Cooked in three minutes and tasted awesome. If you had a bad taste in your mouth as I did when it came to gf pasta well, it’s time to try em again. The ingredients are much more fodmap friendly too. They are not just corn based any longer.  Now you can easily find rice and quinoa etc. These fresh varieties offer much less fillers so they are much healthier. I give this brand two thumbs up. It’s corn free, gluten free, soy free and uses cane sugar.  It’s made from a fodmap friendly flour mix 👍👍  Yummy.


Live, eat, share, gluten free and Fodmapish.